A GPT-4 Powered Contract Editing Tool

About LegalOn

Tokyo-based legal technology startup LegalOn Technologies announced the launch of AI Revise, a GPT-4 powered contract editing tool for its contract review platform, which is now publicly available in the U.S. for the first time.

Since launching its LegalOn contract review platform in 2019, the company has provided AI-powered contract review software supported with legal guidance expertise to law firms and corporations in Japan.

Along with the launch of AI Revise, LegalOn can also now support new types of contract, from master service agreements to purchase agreements and general provisions, among others.

What It Is: AI Revise is built on LegalOn’s existing AI Review functionality, which flags inaccuracies or risks in contracts and redlines and suggest corrections. The new tool seeks to enable users to turn these suggestions into revisions, while still tracking changes.

LegalOn screenshots

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