GPT-4 powered note taking

About OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app that makes it easy to capture and save ideas, images, audio recordings, and anything else you need to remember.

Microsoft is bringing some AI smarts to its OneNote application in an effort to help you more easily and quickly generate the content you need. In a blog post published Wednesday, April 5, OneNote product manager Greg Mace revealed that the Microsoft 365 Copilot AI tool is coming to OneNote.

First, the Copilot AI will work behind the scenes to try to help you as you work. Second, it offers a business chat feature that allows you to actively seek help. By chatting with the software, you can ask it to generate certain information based on natural language questions. The goal is to save you time and effort by tackling more mundane tasks or creating repetitive content for you.

Microsoft gave these examples for what you might ask Copilot to do in OneNote, including:

  • “Summarize notes in bullet points on a new page.”
  • “Generate a list of topics and talking points to be addressed in an annual investor update meeting.”
  • “Plan a spring trip to Paris for me, my partner and my two teenage children.”
  • “I am starting a wholesale coffee bean and roasting business. Give me 10 suggestions for a company name and vision statement.”

In response, the AI analyzes your raw notes, emails and other data and automatically creates the corresponding content.

“Copilot in OneNote helps you create, capture, organize and recall information with confidence,” Mace said in the blog post. “As your note-taking partner, Copilot uses your prompts to create plans, generate ideas, create lists, organize information and more. Copilot can transform existing text by summarizing, rewriting, formatting and adding visual context. Elevate your digital notebook with natural language commands to reorganize your notebook, customize formatting and highlight what’s important.”


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