TeamSmart AI

The Chrome extension to take ChatGPT to the next level

About TeamSmart AI

The Chrome extension for a better ChatGPT experience.

Select an AI team to assist you with your daily work. Ask questions about the article you're reading, get help with programming, or find images to inspire your project.

Each AI team member has their own area of expertise. And they're always available in your browser, just one click away.

Using TeamSmart does not require purchasing ChatGPT Plus, but an OpenAI API key is needed. Using your own API key is usually much cheaper than ChatGPT Plus!

TeamSmart also provides a better ChatGPT experience. You can ask about your current tab's content, customize your code theme, use markdown, check domain availability, and more.

All data is securely stored locally, and nothing is shared with third parties.

Discover AI-assisted efficiency with TeamSmart today!

TeamSmart AI

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